Vermont Goatgetter

Jun 20

Kimbell: Cost containment a must for our health care system -

Vermont’s chief financial regulator talks about health care cost containment and the decision of a Rutland, VT hospital to close an in-patient rehab unit.

The talk from VT officials has moved directly away from saving money as described in the Hsaio Report a couple of years ago to ‘containing costs.’

Vermont is racing down the path to single payer health care despite what the Supreme Court may do with ObamaCare.

Feb 16

Underwater dogs – in pictures -

Such wonderful photography!

Feb 14

The Materialist Fallacy -

The weakening of our social fabric can’t be reduced to economics.

[But the complexity that Brooks tries to explain is far beyond what average people think about themselves and smacks of elitism. Societal values and mores, family and connections with trusted friends are critically important to a healthy society that is build on individual behavior. Read Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges for another perspective that explains why we are in the mess we’re in.]

Oct 14

A Vermont friend’s Fall window sill

A Vermont friend’s Fall window sill